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Jay R. Taylor

Jay R. Taylor is general director, strategic risk management, at General Motors Co. in Detroit, where he established strategic risk management in 2014 in conjunction with senior leadership and the board risk committee. He is responsible for facilitating the identification, assessment, mitigation, and reporting of top risks across GM’s regions, functions, and business units. Taylor is a member of the advisory board of Sealed Speed, a Massachusetts-based digital technology company. He is a certified risk management assurance professional, certified internal auditor, certified information systems auditor, and a certified fraud examiner. Contact him at jay.r.taylor@

Entries by Jay R. Taylor

Staying Ahead of Emerging Risk to Capture Opportunity

January 29, 2016

The evolving role of directors in risk management is distilled by world-class directors including Nicholas M. Donofrio, James S. Turley, and Blythe J. McGarvie.