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Howard Brod Brownstein

Howard Brod Brownstein is president and founder of The Brownstein Corp., a nationally known turnaround management firm. Brownstein currently chairs two committees of P&F Industries: nominating and governance, and strategic planning and risk assessment. He is an NACD Board Leadership Fellow.

Entries by Howard Brod Brownstein

A Field Guide to Corporate Governance

July 21, 2017

A new book distills and demystifies director duties.


A Big Book on Governance for Directors of All Stripes

January 24, 2017

Nonacademic reading from a leading governance academic.


An Updated Classic Provides the ‘How’And ‘Why’ for Independent Directors

November 24, 2015

Howard Brod Brownstein reviews The Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance, an eminently readable, in-depth look at the tenets of corporate governance.