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Dayna Harris

Dayna Harris is a partner with Farient Advisors.

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It’s Time to Think Less Conventionally About Long-Term Incentive Plans

February 1, 2018

Taking a different approach to compensation plan design may help to better position a company in a swiftly changing marketplace.


Executive Pay Incentives: Be Careful What You Ask and Pay For

November 15, 2016

Compensation committees should carefully consider the implications of the incentives that they set for their executives.


Compensating Directors for Unusual or Extraordinary Service

September 12, 2016

Setting pay practices for situations where the call of duty demands long hours is more art than science.


Aligning Goals When the Future Is Not So Rosy

June 3, 2015

What should a company do when it has target goals that are lower than last year’s targets or actual results? The answer is a four-step process with the overall objective of being fair to both management and shareholders.