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Compile, track, and share your director-education history.

Showcase your continuing director-education coursework with the NACD Director Education Transcript.

Compile, track, and share a chronological record of all corporate governance-related courses you’ve taken—including director-education programs hosted by NACD and programs completed through other institutions (self-reported).

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s director-qualification disclosure requirements, rapidly evolving global forces of disruption, and the increasingly public efforts of shareholder activists have brought corporate directors under more scrutiny than ever before. Continuing education helps directors stay abreast of emerging issues and demonstrates to stakeholders a director’s commitment to exemplary board leadership. The NACD Director Education Transcript allows directors to track and easily share their completed corporate governance-related courses with investors, boardroom advisors, and internal governance executives.

How should I use my transcript?

  • Provide your NACD Director Education Transcript to your organization’s general counsel or corporate secretary as data and supporting documentation for preparing the annual proxy statement.
  • Include your NACD Director Education Transcript as an addendum to your résumé when pursuing a board position.
  • Track your personal progress against your board’s director-education requirements.

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