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Over the past few years, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) has witnessed the evolution of the scope and the stature of the role of general counsel. Once seen solely as legal advisors, general counsel are now regularly called upon to provide the board with an objective opinion about the company's strategy based on their legal and ethical training. In fact, almost 70% of NACD's full board memberships have a general counsel on their board roster. As part of our continuing goal of equipping boards with the information they need to create long-term value for businesses, NACD is launching a brand new initiative: The Strategic-Asset GC.

The Strategic-Asset GC initiative recognizes the unique position general counsel hold relative to their boards of directors, and provides a unique view into how today's general counsel are helping to shape strategy in the boardroom.

This NACD effort will aim to provide general counsel unique insights from directors, subject-matter experts, and fellow general counsel in order to help identify effective strategies for continued partnership with the board. Led by a General Counsel Steering Committee, The Strategic-Asset GC initiative will include a quarterly webinar series, a peer-to-peer event, and GC-specific resources.

Locations and Dates

Participant Profile

These events are designed for progressive general counsel looking to align director expectations, deepen their understanding of governance issues, and elevate their role in the boardroom.

Learning Objectives

The Strategic-Asset GC Quarterly Webinar Series will focus on the partnership between the GC and the board during key governance moments. These webinars will feature general counsel and directors who have effectively managed the risk and opportunity inherent in all strategic decisions. Topics will include:

  • Improving Your Board Evaluation Process
  • Partnering Through M&A
  • Managing Litigation Risk
  • Strengthening Your Approach to Shareholder Engagement


CLE Eligible

NACD Fellowship®: Credits will vary per event

These programs offer Fellowship Credits for NACD members working toward attaining or maintaining NACD Fellowship—The Gold Standard Director Credential®.

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