NACD - National Association of Corporate Directors

Dial up your director education programs.

NACD provides confidential, customized, in-boardroom programs and consultations for directors and C-suite executives. Sessions cover a variety of topics that are facilitated by sitting directors and subject-matter experts, who bring real-world experience directly to your board.

Each unique program takes into account your board's challenges and inner workings to advance positive outcomes in the boardroom.

Stay ahead of emerging risks and opportunities:

  • Board & Committee Effectiveness
  • Board & Management Dynamics
  • Board Skills & Composition
  • Business Disruption
  • Culture as a Corporate Asset
  • Cyber Risk
  • Director Onboarding
  • Innovation, Disruption, and Competition
  • Enterprise-Risk Management
  • Fiduciary Duties
  • Ownership Structure (Newly Public, Private, Family-Owned, Nonprofit)
  • Shareholder Activism
  • Succession Planning & Leadership Transition
  • Strategic Planning & Oversight

Immediate Benefits:

Action-Oriented Results
Offers practical guidance that directors can immediately implement

Independent & Unbiased Guidance
An objective, third-party expert helps identify and address sensitive boardroom issues

Director & Management Alignment
Establishes common expectations around roles and responsibilities

Director Credentials
Provides your board members with credit toward NACD Fellowship®

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