NACD - National Association of Corporate Directors

Senior Management/Board Relations Evaluations

The NACD Senior Management/Board Relations Evaluation complements the board evaluation by inviting the senior management team to evaluate their working relationship with the board in a team building manner.

The process enables both senior management and the board to share strengths and challenges with each other in a confidential format.

NACD works with you to customize the assessment tool, facilitate the process, and provide concrete action steps.

Our director-led process empowers participants to:

  • Provide an avenue for senior management to communicate concerns about the board confidentially
  • Identify and address any concerns around board/management dynamics
  • Ensure that there is open access and appropriate information flow between the parties
  • Provide a plan of action to optimize communications, relations, and performance

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“Our board decided to hire NACD to expand the evaluation process, which included interviews of our directors and an overall assessment of our evaluation program. NACD’s perspective was helpful, informative, and led to a more meaningful dialogue about the board’s effectiveness. Our board believes that NACD’s independent, objective feedback on director performance resulted in an overall improvement in governance.”

Scott Chaplin

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Alliant Techsystems