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Be certain where you stand.

As the pace of change accelerates, boards will face even harsher scrutiny regarding the decisions they make and the actions they take. NACD Custom Benchmarking Reports show boards how they compare to their peers on governance—so they can strengthen their businesses, deliver sustainable profits, drive shareholder value, and protect themselves against activist investors.

Prepare for investor and regulatory scrutiny

If scrutiny is inevitable, shouldn’t boards apply it to themselves first? The clarity provided by an NACD Customized Benchmarking Report gives boards an objective basis for assessing their own practices—and determining where they may need to take action.

Receive detailed reports on how your governance compares

Each Benchmarking Report assesses how well a board’s own practices align with data from the latest NACD Public and Private Company Governance Surveys. Reports are tailored to each company’s industry, type, size, annual revenue, and market capitalization. Each report:

  • Assesses alignment, identifies issues that should be addressed, and makes recommendations for action
  • Provides a specific and trustworthy foundation for implementing effective governance strategies
  • Is fast, confidential, and non-intrusive
  • Enables public and private boards to compare their current structures, governance practices, and policies to a precisely defined set of peer companies
  • Gives companies a baseline for adapting their governance practices as market and regulatory climates evolve

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