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The Board's Role in Long-Term Value Creation

This program addresses the need for a new level of strategic board engagement in today’s competitive and innovative business environment. Led by seasoned directors who are skilled in strategy alignment and business transformation, this program explores how your board can hold management accountable for short-term results without allowing a “meet or beat the quarter” mentality to undermine or dilute the company’s focus on long-term strategic objectives.

This customized program will be of value to:

  • Boards of every type that are focused on helping management maintain a direct connection between short-term viability and long-term value creation
  • Board leaders who want a deeper understanding of how directors can take a more active role in the alignment of short- and long-term strategy by applying their unique perspectives and skills

This director-led program covers such topics as:

  • The board’s evolving role in strategy development and implementation
  • How thinking like an activist investor can produce positive outcomes relative to the alignment of short- and long-term strategies
  • Reassessing the relationship between short-term results and long-term value creation
  • CEO selection and evaluation
  • Aligning performance goals and executive compensation
  • Capital allocation decisions
  • Board and committee composition and performance assessment
  • Planning for shareholder communications
  • The ten key recommendations from the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report on the Board and Long-Term Value Creation

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“The NACD faculty facilitated valuable discussion between our board members and senior management. The interaction fostered by the faculty enriched the training and was unexpected and extremely valuable.”

Timothy P. Olson

Senior Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary

NorthWestern Energy