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How do your stakeholders view your governance practices?

NACD can help prepare your organization for internal and external scrutiny of your board’s composition, performance, and oversight ability. An NACD Governance Review provides a deep analysis of your board’s oversight processes and drivers. Our faculty of sitting board members and renowned subject-matter experts benchmark and compare your board’s oversight practices with NACD’s leading practices and those of peer organizations.

Customized for your company, this program focuses not only on reviewing your organization’s governance oversight practices but also on recommending key action steps for improving them—all in a facilitated, constructive dialogue.

An NACD Governance Review answers important questions:

  • Do your board’s governance documents provide the best structure and processes to elicit exceptional outcomes?
  • Do your board’s agendas and meetings allocate time for strategy discussion?
  • How are board and committee roles and responsibilities being articulated and understood by the board as a whole?
  • Do the criteria and processes being utilized to select board members and staff board committees reflect the best practices of highly functioning boards?
  • Are board and committee roles in identifying and overseeing risk clearly defined and articulated?
  • Is management of key risks assigned to appropriate personnel?
  • How are results from previous years’ board evaluations being utilized to further board development?

NACD’s customized governance reviews leverage a variety of tools:

  • Board and committee meeting observations
  • Review of governance documents and meeting minutes
  • Review of board and management alignment on cybersecurity preparedness and response plans
  • Interviews with directors and executives to assess oversight roles and communications
  • Benchmarking your board’s practices against NACD’s leading practices and those of your peers
  • Evaluation of the full board and committees
  • Delivery of NACD’s findings during a highly interactive presentation and dialogue

Each engagement is tailored to your organization’s specific objectives.

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