NACD - National Association of Corporate Directors

Board and C-Suite Cyber-Risk Alignment

Boards must be equipped to collaborate and align with management in setting the company’s cyber-risk strategy. This program is designed to provide your board with context, facilitate constructive discussions with management, and produce a road map for allocating resources to cyber-risk initiatives.

Customized for your company, this unique program is presented and led by active directors with experience in your industry. It focuses not only on advancing the business but also on defending the enterprise.

This customized program will be of value to:

  • Boards that would benefit from enhancing their abilities to oversee cyber-risk strategy and execution
  • Boards and C-suite executives that want to ensure they are aligned on cyber policy and priorities

This director-led program covers such topics as:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities across the business system and weighing their importance
  • Determining which assets demand the most attention and resources to protect them
  • Challenging flawed assumptions in the enterprise risk map
  • Understanding materiality and liability as they relate to your defined cyber policy
  • Ensuring that all levels of management know when a breach is deemed material and should thus be reported up the chain
  • Defining the appropriate cyber-risk and Enterprise Risk Management indicators for your dashboard

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“The NACD cybersecurity session was excellent. The facilitators were great and had obviously studied our company, which aided the discussion.”

Robert Rowe

President and CEO

NorthWestern Energy


“NACD’s cybersecurity program made the theoretical concrete. The facilitators were well organized, thought-provoking and informative.” 


Highmark Inc.