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Fiduciary Duties

The board’s fiduciary duties lie at the heart of corporate governance. This program is led by seasoned directors and tailored to your specific business.

Conducted in your boardroom, the program addresses the spectrum of responsibilities established under SEC regulations and legislation such as Dodd-Frank.

It uses real-life examples of board decision making to explore the meaning of “good faith,” “duty of care,” “duty of loyalty,” “the business judgment rule,” and other concepts of fiduciary due diligence.

This customized program will be of value to:

  • Private, public, and nonprofit boards
  • Boards that can benefit from an in-depth look at the specifics of fulfilling directors' fiduciary responsibilities
  • Directors who want an understanding of terminology, the ability to read/judge financial statements, and to uncover warning signs

This director-led program covers such topics as:

  • The obligations of directors to act on behalf of shareholders and stakeholders
  • The duty of directors to ensure the company is properly managed

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“Some of the best, if not the best, facilitators I have ever seen. There is literally nothing I would change.”

Mike Lyons

Senior Vice President & General Counsel