NACD - National Association of Corporate Directors

Effective Committees

It is no secret that committees are increasingly tasked with more work and oversight responsibilities. What skill sets and experience do committee members and chairs need for committees to effectively rise to the challenge?

During this session, we will discuss the hallmarks of the effective committee and the specific duties and functions each key committee (audit, compensation, and nominating/governance) must perform in order to be an asset to the board and company. Topics are based upon NACD’s latest research and our Fortune 500 Board Committee Advisory Council proceedings.

This customized program will be of value to:

  • Directors who want to enhance committee effectiveness
  • Directors who want to build upon current committee roles and responsibilities
  • Directors who want to anticipate market and regulatory changes

This director-led program covers such topics as:

  • Fiduciary duties and oversight of the audit committee
  • Leading practices for board and executive compensation
  • Roles and responsibilities for effective nominating/governance committees

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“NACD delivered an excellent program and facilitator.”

Jaymin Patel


Willis Group Holdings PLC