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NACD Director Professionalism®

NACD’s renowned Director Professionalism® course covers the fundamentals and leading practices essential to boardroom effectiveness in today's dynamic corporate governance environment.

This condensed, one-day program is led by seasoned directors and tailored to your specific business.

The streamlined, in-boardroom version of Director Professionalism qualifies as the foundation course for the NACD Governance FellowshipThe Gold Standard Director Credential®. 

This customized program will be of value to:

  • Directors who would benefit from an in-depth dive into the fundamentals of boardroom effectiveness
  • Directors who want to ensure they are aligned with today’s leading practices for board leadership

This director-led program covers such topics as:

  • The essential roles and responsibilities of directors
  • Board/management relationships
  • The role and functions of key committees
  • The role of the board in overseeing strategy and risk assessment
  • How these fundamentals and practices apply to your specific business

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“The one-day Director Professionalism program was everything we expected—and more. It was quickly apparent that the presenters spoke with the authority that comes from being experienced, professional board members themselves. We anticipate using NACD’s services again in the near future.”

Patrick N. Shaffner


Corvesta Inc.