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Futurecasting: Anticipating Disruption

Looking ahead, how can a board anticipate both risk and opportunities when the world, markets, customers, and business models are changing rapidly?

This program is designed to help boards establish a forward-looking agenda that actively seeks to detect, analyze, and address disruptive forces as they emerge. It focuses on the board's oversight role in strategy development, execution, course correction, and control systems.

This customized program will be of value to:

  • Boards who would benefit from learning how to quantify “what they don’t know” and ensure they have the context needed to make sound decisions
  • Board leaders who want to develop a finely tuned “radar” for disruptors that may impact their strategy

This director-led program covers such topics as:

  • Financial, physical, and informational risks
  • Trends most likely to impact the boardroom
  • Technology-driven, competitive, or geopolitical disruptors
  • Scenarios representing both threats and opportunities

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“The NACD faculty facilitated valuable discussion between our board members and senior management. The interaction fostered by the faculty enriched the training and was unexpected and extremely valuable.”

Timothy P. Olson

Senior Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary

NorthWestern Energy